Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Lottery of Birth

For many years I have contemplated the "Lottery of Birth".....why have I been selected to be born at this this this skin...with this difficult yet serendipitous path? As I sit in several of my graduate school theology classes, particularly church history, I think about my faith and how so much of what I believe is truly based on the lottery of birth. Some could say this "lottery" is no lottery at all but a pre-determined selection by the One true God. Others would argue that a lot of what I believe has a lot to do with where I was born and the family to whom I was nurtured by. Whatever the case, I have become more vulnerable in my faith discarding extremism and welcoming more of the mystery of faith and its unknowns.

I was listening to a TED talk by Brene Brown and she shared the following formula:

faith - vulnerability= extremism

...well I flipped the mathematical symbol from a minus to a plus sign and said:

faith + vulnerability = extravagant love

As I think about this formula, I question whether or not it is possible to still be passionate without being extremist. Can one truly hold and ascribe to the faith of one's choosing without having guarantees or extremists interpersonal interactions? This rhetorical question has been the current outworking of my faith and life actions....finding the balance...between grace and truth...between standing on one's interpretations and leaving room for the possibility of misinterpretations....this is most assuredly a life's work that will usher me into deeper relationship with both God and people. It will mold the very character and core make-up of my spirit and physical nature. Whatever the answer is to this lottery of birth....I am thankful for the cards that I have been dealt ;)

Friday, September 4, 2015

Food for Thought

"The ancient Christian church was composed mostly of humble folk for whom the fact of having been adopted as heirs of the King of Kings was a source of great joy. This was expressed in their worship, in their art, in their life together, and in their valiant deaths. The daily life of most of these Christians took place in the drab routine in which the poor in all societies must live. But they rejoiced in the hope of a new light that would destroy the dark injustice and idolatry of their society."

-Justo Gonzalez - The Story of Christianity

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Food for thought

When faith is unhealthy, it is generally the processing of beliefs that is dysfunctional rather than the actual beliefs

-Rev Dr. Glenn A. Robitaille
Inspiring Hope
The Process of Spiritual/ Pastoral Care

Saturday, June 6, 2015


God's plan of salvation does not conform to the world's priorities. In fact, it seems foolish. Yet in reality eternal salvation is more valuable than all fame, wealth, and success pursued by the world.

God uses what is considered foolish and despised in this world to reveal His truth, so that He alone will receive the glory.

The message of the cross is the gospel, the Good News about Christ's death and resurrection for our sins. The gospel penetrates to the core of self-centeredness.

For those who exalt self, this message sounds absurd, but for those who bow humbly in faith, it becomes the power that is able to snatch them from death and impart eternal life.

1 Corinth 1:18-2:16