Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Food for thought

When faith is unhealthy, it is generally the processing of beliefs that is dysfunctional rather than the actual beliefs

-Rev Dr. Glenn A. Robitaille
Inspiring Hope
The Process of Spiritual/ Pastoral Care

Saturday, June 6, 2015


God's plan of salvation does not conform to the world's priorities. In fact, it seems foolish. Yet in reality eternal salvation is more valuable than all fame, wealth, and success pursued by the world.

God uses what is considered foolish and despised in this world to reveal His truth, so that He alone will receive the glory.

The message of the cross is the gospel, the Good News about Christ's death and resurrection for our sins. The gospel penetrates to the core of self-centeredness.

For those who exalt self, this message sounds absurd, but for those who bow humbly in faith, it becomes the power that is able to snatch them from death and impart eternal life.

1 Corinth 1:18-2:16

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Quote of the Day

"Throughout the course of present history down to the present day there persist this chronic temptation to reduce God to a human dimension to express God in clear ideas...Human reason seeks to understand everything and reduce everything to its own conceptual thought...it's a noble enterprise but in so doing we rob God of God's otherness and confine God to a world of our own mental limits...."

-Brennan Manning

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Since we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus today....

I thought I'd post this article I found today when looking for how the resurrection of Jesus was truly the difference maker.

The other month I was sharing my faith with a non-believer at work and I mentioned to her that Jesus was the only one to die and be resurrected...she immediately refuted my statement saying that their were other gods who died and were resurrected.

I had no solid rebuttal to this as I had not heard this argument before....

After hearing the message today from church on the resurrection of Jesus as being the difference maker...this conversation was seared in my brain throughout the sermon.

Afterwards....I went on a hunt to find some clarity....I came across the below article which was most helpful to this topic:

Click here if you cannot access from clicking on the photo:


Monday, March 30, 2015


Greatness is something many people desire but few understand. Usually we recognize the great only after they have achieved. We call them "great" after their military victories have been won, their administrative skill shave brought success, or their talents have gained awards. What we see is the finished product, not the process. So we tend to romanticize greatness.

The same thing happens in the Christian realm. The new believer, who dreams of the day he will do great things for God, or the individual who yearns for the day he will live a victorious life, have both romanticized spiritual greatness. They have missed the point that quality and character are forged in experience. Greatness comes only through a process that always contains an element of pain.

Too often we Christians yearn for the product - but try to avoid the process! In our rebelliousness we may miss the pathway that God intends us to take; the pathway that leads to maturity and to spiritual significance.

Direct Quote from:
- The Teacher's Commentary - Lawrence Richards